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Please feel free to contact
Amy Louise Pommier,
Prospect's manager,
with any questions or ideas.
Subway directions to
Prospect Wine Shop:
We're closest to the 7th Avenue station on the F train line (get off at the 7th Avenue end -- we're just a few doors down the block toward 8th Street). Alternatively, we're a 1/4 hour walk from the Grand Army Plaza station on the 2 or 3 line or the 7th Avenue station on the Q line.

Prospect's Tasting Events will Make You Actually Believe It's Spring!
Every Saturday Afternoon
4:00PM - 6:00PM
Plus 2 Friday Evening Events

We're all set to entertain your palates with unusual and delicious wines and spirits appropriate for transitional weather. Our Friday night spirits tastings delve into areas as wide-ranging as Peruvian & Scandinavian -- or closer to home, like Brooklyn-blended Bourbon. As for the wines, we'll be mostly focusing on Spain, Italy and France, with a segueway into the springtimey world of rosé.

With temperatures still on the chilly side as we launch into April, we'll be holding our tastings in the back of the shop rather than outside until the weather warms up a bit – we'll move them outside as soon as it's a little balmier. But as always, our invitation to enjoy exploring new wines and spirits in an ambiance of relaxed conviviality is heartily extended to you, whatever the weather. Please join us to try out some of our new wine and spirits "finds" or discover some new wine regions and types for yourselves, while mingling with your neighborhood neighbors. We look forward to seeing you!


5:30PM- 8:30PM

Friday, April 4
Far-Flung Spirits

Venture into the Enticing World of
Elegant Artisanal Pisco and Gorgeous Glug

Saturday, April 5
Intriguingly Iberian
Savor Sherry & Red Wine from Spain
Along with White and Pink "Green Wine" (Vinho Verde)
From Portugal

5:30PM- 8:30PM

Friday, April 11
Spirits from Red Hook
(and Points North) –
The Saga Continues!

Discover Exceptional Whiskey Bottlings from Our Borough
Plus Distinctive Newcomers from Vermont

Saturday, April 12
Printemps, Primavera –
Springtime Red & Rosé from
Italy and France

Sip Some Lacrima di Morra d'Alba from the Marche,
Gamay Red & Rosé from the Côteaux Bourguignons and a
Delightful Tipple from Tuscany

Saturday, April 19
Italian Elegance –
From Head to Boot

Taste Tailored yet Totally Authentic Wines
From Piemonte, Tuscany and Campania

Saturday, April 26
Debutantes in Pink

Celebrate Spring by Sampling
Some Early French Rosé Arrivals

From Provence and Ardèche