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About Prospect Wine Shop in Brooklyn, NY 11215

 Prospect Wine Shop draws on the deep wine knowledge of our ultra-experienced staff to bring you the most delicious wines and spirits we can find – and we never stop searching.

We were the first in Brooklyn to emphasize organic and biodynamic wines, and we've always championed wines and spirits from small, artisanal producers.

Back in the early days – we opened in 2000 – many people who walked into the shop asked us what all of those things meant. Now – at least in Brooklyn – that wine worldview is a major movement – grooving in synch with local, organic food, greenmarkets, and the myriad practitioners of gourmet crafts.

We’re thrilled to still be an enthusiastic part of that movement. But always, our eyes – and palates – are trained not just on trends but above all on selecting for you the very best the world has to offer in wines and spirits – at a range of affordable prices.

We’re always ready and eager to share our curiosity and the fruits of our knowledge -- and transmit the joys of our discoveries to all of you! 

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